We have adapted to the corona crisis -- here's how!

Inside of the Honeybee store in los feliz. Open kitchen and lights.

Your safety first

In addition to closing our dining room, we temperature check each employee pre-shift. Everyone scrubs in, and gloves are worn and changed for every order. Every surface is sanitized, even without customer contact.

An ad for the touchless pickup app.

Touchless Ordering at Los Feliz!

Coming by Los Feliz? 

We launched a new order app where you don't even need to swipe a card! 

(And here's the link if you're on your way to PICK UP): https://www.orderfor.me/table/hbbgo

Facade of the honeybee store in los feliz with drive up window.

We are perfect for take-away and delivery

We have converted our window on Vermont for app pickups; no need to go inside! Your food is DOUBLE wrapped: first in a sealed box, and then in a sealed bag. No un-gloved hands touch your food until it leaves our store.